VIDEO: After Being Called Out by Democrat Eddie Sundquist, Tom Reed Publicly Supports Russia Sanctions

(Jamestown, New York) – On July 13, Democratic candidate for Congress Eddie Sundquist called on Congressman Tom Reed to support the bipartisan Russia sanctions bill that passed the Senate 98-2 weeks ago. Two days later, on July 15 at a Town Hall in Lindley, NY, Congressman Tom Reed announced his support of the bill.

At the weekend Town Hall event, Reed said, “On the Russian sanctions – we are and will be supportive of the bill that comes to the House. My understanding is we’re going to move that bill here if not next week, maybe the following week is the anticipated schedule, and what we’re also going to add to it is the North Korean sanctions. Whatever you think of Russia, whatever you think of that issue, I do believe sanctions are appropriate there.”

In response, Democrat Eddie Sundquist released the following statement:

“I’m glad Tom Reed is now publicly supporting the bipartisan sanctions bill but there has been no floor vote in the House. Now Tom Reed needs to put his support of this bill into action by calling on Speaker Ryan to bring this bill up for a vote as soon as possible. The time for action to protect New York’s security and our democracy is now, not a few weeks from now.”

Link to video of Reed’s town hall comments on the bill. This section starts with approximately 49:40 left in the video:

Currently the sanctions bill has been held up in the House by Speaker Paul Ryan under pressure from the Trump White House.

According to New York Times reporting, Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the delays were “doing nothing but helping Russia” and Republican U.S. Senator John McCain said of it, “Pass it, for Christ’s sake.” (NYT, Congress Wants to Punish Russia, but Can’t Dole Out the Punishment, 7/12/17, Link:

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