AUDIO: Tom Reed Says He Understands Trump Bashing Upstate New York, Says Region Doesn’t Have “Jobs” or “Opportunity”

(Jamestown, New York) – When asked about President Donald Trump’s comments telling upstate New York residents to move to other areas of the country, Congressman Tom Reed failed to stand up for the people and small businesses of upstate New York.

“The president is saying there are great swaths of America that are falling behind because they just don’t have the jobs for their kids and grand kids to be able to have the opportunity to put food on their tables, roofs over their kids, and clothes on their back. According to WRFA, he went on to say “So I understand where the president is coming from.”

Democratic candidate for Congress Eddie Sundquist released the following statement in response to Reed’s comments:

“If Tom Reed spent less time cashing checks from Washington special interests, maybe he would remember that it is his duty to represent and defend the people and communities in our region. We need to be building up our communities, investing in education and jobs — not abandoning our people. I’m outraged by President Trump’s comments and by Tom Reed’s abject failure to stand up for us.“

WRFA Article:

WRFA Audio of the Interview:

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