Democrat Eddie Sundquist: Tom Reed “Silent” on Equifax After Taking Millions in Finance Industry Campaign Cash

On the day the news broke, Reed voted to keep Donald Trump’s tax returns private.

(Jamestown, NY) – Millions of New Yorkers have had their private information stolen by hackers in the Equifax breach, but Tom Reed has done nothing.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised: during Reed’s career, he has accepted almost $2.3 million dollars from the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate industry. (Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 9/11/17)

Three of Equifax’s senior executives sold $1.8 million in stocks days after they discovered the breach, but before the public knew. After the stock tanked on the news, they saved millions of dollars while the other shareholders took the hit.

“Tom Reed says he is a problem solver, but it looks like he is once again looking out for his special interest donors, rather than standing up for New Yorkers who have been impacted by this breach,” said Democrat Eddie Sundquist. “Reed needs to call for a congressional investigation into possible Equifax insider trading and how to better protect New Yorkers information.”

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