RELEASE: Congressman Tom Reed Fails to Call Out GOP Senate Nominee Roy Moore’s 9/11 “God’s Punishment” Comments

(Jamestown, NY) – In a cable TV interview, Congressman Tom Reed was asked about Roy Moore, the extremist Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama. In the video, linked below, the MSNBC anchor reminded Reed: “As a New Yorker, remember, Roy Moore is the guy who said 9/11 was God’s punishment for perverseness.”

Reed awkwardly dodges the question several times, eventually saying, “I’ll let him answer to that question, but the bottom line — he has to govern, just like we have to govern. We’re going to be held accountable by the people that we represent, and now it’s time to deliver for them.”

Democrat Eddie Sundquist issued the following statement response: 

“It’s sad that Tom Reed won’t stand up for the those who lost their lives on 9/11. Unfortunately, this is in line with Reed’s vote to take healthcare away from 68,000 of his own constituents in favor of his campaign donors. He doesn’t represent the interests of the people of New York. He represents the Washington special interests cutting him campaign checks. Next year the people of our district will hold Tom Reed accountable.”

More Information:  

1. MSNBC Video of Reed’s comments –

2. Background: CNN Article – Roy Moore Comments on 9/11 –

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