RELEASE: Jamestown City Council President Greg Rabb Endorses Democrat Eddie Sundquist in Congressional Race

(Jamestown, NY) – Jamestown City Council President Greg Rabb announced in a statement today that he is endorsing Jamestown native and Democrat Eddie Sundquist in next year’s Congressional election. Sundquist is running against Tom Reed in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

Councilman Rabb released the following statement:

“Eddie Sundquist has been fighting for change and committed to our region his entire life. On the campaign trail, he is everywhere: local meetings, town halls, and out canvassing for local Democrats. Eddie will ensure that all our people have access to the healthcare they need and the jobs they deserve. I will be doing everything within my power to make sure Eddie Sundquist is elected to Congress.”

In response, Democrat Eddie Sundquist released the following statement:

“I appreciate the kind words and leadership of Councilman Rabb, and am humbled to accept his endorsement. I look forward to working with Councilman Rabb to help make Jamestown and the entire 23rd district a better place for working families.”

Click here for a headshot of Eddie Sundquist.

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