ICYMI: Tom Reed’s Real Estate LLCs Get a Secret Tax Kickback in Tax Bill He Wrote

After initially approving the GOP Tax Scam yesterday, Congressman Tom Reed and the GOP passed the bill today after a procedural error forced them to strike three provisions.

Reed has come under fire for his support of the legislation after it was revealed that a special provision directly benefits Reed and his family. The provision provides a tax break for owners of LLCs, of which Reed and his family own two.

GOP Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) is receiving the same criticism after the secret provision helped flip his “no” vote to “yes”. Both Reed and Corker provided critical yes votes that helped the initial bill pass the House & Senate yesterday.

Reed is a commitee member on the powerful House Ways & Means Committee, and helped write the bill. At many times during the process, Reed claimed he had a leadership role and a seat at the table. Did Reed & Corker use their power to surgically lower taxes for themselves? Both are making out like bandits in a bill they voted for and helped write.

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