RELEASE: Asked About the Real Estate LLC Kickback Provision in Tax Bill He Wrote, Reed Says “I don’t have any comment.”

On his weekly conference call with local media this morning, Congressman Tom Reed responded to criticisms brought by Democratic Congressional candidate Eddie Sundquist that he in part voted for the tax bill because of a provision written into the bill that will benefit his own real estate LLC . “I don’t have any comment,” Reed said, adding , “It sounds like political theater to me.”

The provision giving extra tax breaks to real estate LLCs was written into the bill at the last minute, as a way to entice on-the-fence Republicans who had significant commercial real estate holdings, including Congressman Reed and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN). Reed sits on the Ways and Means committee where the bill originated, and helped to write the bill.

In response Congressional candidate Eddie Sundquist released the following statement:

“Representative Reed’s refusal to answer a fair question that he may have voted for the tax bill because it personally enriches him can only mean that he is attempting to hide something from his constituents.

The charge that this valid question is merely ‘political theater’ deflects his responsibility in voting for a bill that will adversely impact his own district. The only thing that’s political theater is Representative Reed’s insinuation that this bill does anything more than lines his and his campaign’s pockets by giving huge tax cuts to billionaires and large corporations at the expense of the middle class and people who rely on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”

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