RELEASE: Tom Reed Is Running Scared After Eddie Sundquist Criticizes Tax Bill Kickback

Photo Evidence: Congressman Tom Reed Hits Panic Button, Sends Cartoonish Mailer to NY-23 Constituents

After recently taking heat on over the Tom Reed Real Estate LLC Kickback, Congressman Tom Reed hit the panic button this week on the offensive sending a cartoonish, name calling direct mail piece to voters in New York’s 23rd District.


This comes just a month after Sundquist criticized Reed for his vote on the GOP Tax Bill, which included special provisions to cut taxes on Real Estate LLCs – something that explicitly benefits Tom Reed. Reed, as a member of the Ways & Means Committee in the House, helped author the bill that cuts out a special provision for his business.

In response, Democratic Congressional candidate Eddie Sundquist released the following statement:

“This mailer shows just how desperate Tom Reed is to distract attention away from his vote on the tax bill. In the tax bill, Tom Reed give himself a special tax cut, cut taxes for the richest 1%, and raised taxes on his middle class constituents – all while raising the deficit and national debt.

If he thinks that fighting for quality jobs, an end to the opioid crisis, and making sure that a healthcare diagnosis isn’t a death sentence makes me an ‘extreme liberal’, Tom is in for a rude awakening on November 6th.”

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