RELEASE: Tom Reed Can’t Find Jamestown On A Map

After a week full of bad news for Republicans, Congressman Tom Reed released a sad, desperate, and factually incorrect attack on Democratic Congressional Candidate Eddie Sundquist.

The new campaign from Reed asserts that Sundquist is an “Ithaca liberal,” a term that has been recycled election after election by Reed. Sundquist, however, is born & raised in Jamestown, NY – 187 miles from Ithaca.

Click here to view the website from Tom Reed’s campaign.

In response, Democratic Congressional Candidate Eddie Sundquist released the following statement:

“It is cute that Tom Reed claims to represent Jamestown, but can’t seem to find it on a map. I never thought he’d be off by nearly 200 miles, but I guess Tom knows the geography of Washington, DC now more than his own district.

As a former teacher, I’d love for Tom to join me in a classroom so I could show him where Jamestown is, as well as how cutting taxes for the rich does little to help working New York families.”

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