RELEASE: Three Chautauqua County Legislators Announce Endorsement of Eddie Sundquist for Congress

RELEASE: Three Chautauqua County Legislators Announce Endorsement of Eddie Sundquist for Congress

Three of the five Democratic Chautauqua County Legislators – Robert Bankoski, Christine Starks, and Charles Nazzaro – announced today in a joint statement that they will be endorsing Democrat Eddie Sundquist in his bid for Congress in the 23rd Congressional District.

In the statement today, Nazzaro – who serves as the Minority Leader in the Chautauqua County Legislature – stated:
“I am proud to endorse Eddie Sundquist today. The Jobs Plan he has put forth for this district will be a great success. In our county and district we have many job openings that simply cannot be filled due to lack of trained and qualified individuals . Eddie’s plan will help fill those vacancies, and bring other jobs to Jamestown and all of the Southern Tier.”
Starks, a member of the Planning & Economic Development Committee for the Legislature, said:
“Over the past year, Eddie has been showing up at events all over Chautauqua County. Having a candidate from this County will make the Democratic line formidable in the 23rd district. I am looking forward to working with Eddie throughout this campaign to ensure we enact policies that will rejuvenate the local economy.”
Bankoski, who serves on the Public Safety Committee, added:
“Eddie is the type of candidate this district needs. As our Congressman, he will work with us to fund solutions for the opioid epidemic, economic development, and infrastructure. Eddie is the type of leader we need in Washington – someone who will be a champion of the people of Chautauqua County and all across the 23rd Congressional district.”
In response, Democratic Congressional Candidate Eddie Sundquist released the following statement:
“Chautauqua County is lucky to have these three great legislators fighting on behalf of working families. I humbly accept their endorsement.”
Click here for a head shot of Eddie Sundquist.

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