Standing up for LGBTQ Youth: National Conversion Therapy Ban

I want to talk to you about an issue that often goes unnoticed–the dangerous practice of conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is when LGBTQ youth are forced into a program that tries to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, a practice that has been discredited by every major medical and mental health organization in the country.

While there have been a number of municipalities in New York that have banned this destructive practice, conversion therapy is still alive and well in the United States. That is why today, I am announcing my support for a nationwide ban on conversion therapy.

Check out my video announcing my commitment to a nationwide ban on this destructive practice.

While many of you know I am an openly gay candidate, I don’t bring it up often, knowing my sexual orientation isn’t imperative to solving the biggest issues facing the 23rd District today; jobs, healthcare, and solving the opioid crisis.

Now is time for conversion therapy to end, being not only important to the LGBTQ community but to families across the nation.

The impacts are clear for LGBTQ youth. A study at San Francisco State University found that LGBTQ youth who were highly rejected by their families were 8 times more likely to attempt suicide, 6 times more likely to report high levels of depression, and be 3 times more likely to have HIV or an STD.

Will you join me in the fight to ban conversion therapy programs nationwide?

Please donate to our campaign today to help end conversion therapy programs nationwide. 

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