RELEASE: Democratic Congressional Candidate Eddie Sundquist Won’t Support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, Launches New Leaders Caucus

In an email to supporters today, Democratic Congressional candidate Eddie Sundquist made it clear he would not support longtime Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi in a leadership vote if he wins the 23rd Congressional
district’s election in November, citing the need for a new generation of leadership in Congress.

In the email, Sundquist graciously thanked Minority Leader Pelosi for her tenure:
“Leader Pelosi has been a remarkable voice and leader for the Democratic Party for over a decade. Her incredible efforts on bills such as the Affordable Care Act show the positive impact she had on the lives of millions of families in this country. With a new series of challenges facing our country and the Democratic Party, I believe it is time for new
leadership and a fresh perspective.”

Sundquist went on to announce the launch of a New Leaders Caucus in the House:
“We face new and dangerous threats. Democracy is under attack in ways unimaginable 10 years ago. Our economy is facing new challenges that few in Congress fully understand, whether we are talking about data privacy, the regulation of mobile apps, the future of work and healthcare and retirement for today’s teenagers. And at the same time Donald Trump’s administration has injected corruption and nepotism into every corner of Washington, DC.

It’s time for a new caucus in Congress that focuses squarely on building political power for real change in order to confront the challenges of today and tomorrow.  There is a whole generation of people, young folks, whose voices go unrepresented in Congress. It is time for a generation of new leaders to stand up for the future of the American Dream.

On the campaign trail, I frequently talk about how we need a new generation of leadership in Washington. This caucus is how I plan to follow through.” Sundquist added that more details were to come about his vision for the New
Leaders Caucus in the coming weeks. To learn about the core tenets of this group, please visit our website here


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