RELEASE: Congressional Candidate Eddie Sundquist Releases Tax Returns, Calls for Greater Transparency in Government

Today, Democratic Congressional Candidate Eddie Sundquist voluntarily released the past 5 years of his tax returns, in an effort to encourage more transparency from candidates seeking public office.

In a statement released today, Democrat Eddie Sundquist said:

“It is important that my future constituents know my finances, which is why I have released the past five years of my tax returns. As public officials, it is our responsibility to be as transparent as possible, and let the people we will be representing know of any potential conflicts of interest. Ultimately, we are accountable to our constituents, so they should be given as much information as possible to make an informed decision on who is best to represent them.

This release of his tax returns follows on Sundquist’s proposal for the creation of a New Leaders Caucus that would have at its core a call for term limits on party leadership positions and new proposals for tax transparency from all federal candidates. Today he elaborated on both issues, calling specifically for:

  • Legislation that requires congressional candidates to release the past five years of their tax returns
  • A 6 year-term limit for Democratic Caucus leadership in Congress, allowing for a broader array of voices and responsive leadership

Sundquist continued:

“I call on my Democratic primary opponents to join me in this effort and help ensure the next representative in NY-23 fights for the people here, not special interests in Washington.

Washington DC is fundamentally broken and dysfunctional. I believe strongly that a term limit of leadership will make the Democratic Party and Congress as a whole stronger,  more inclusive, and more responsive to the many challenges we face today.

With great diversity in the coalition of Democrats running for office nationwide, it is important that new voices are elevated. We cannot let those with the passion to fix problems they see in their communities be beat down by the status quo in DC. Institutionalizing fresh ideas within the Democratic Caucus will be a great step forward in that direction, and allow for a new generation of leadership to flourish.”

You can view Eddie’s tax returns here.

Eddie Sundquist is an attorney and former teacher from Jamestown, NY. A lifelong resident of Western New York, Sundquist is committed to making sure his district has quality jobs, healthcare for all, and a real solution to the opioid epidemic. He recently started the New Leaders Caucus, a future caucus in Congress committed to fresh ideas, cultivating new leadership within the Democratic Party, and government transparency.


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