Our Plan

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As Mayor, I will focus on strategies to strengthen housing and neighborhood safety, create new economic development, invest in infrastructure stability and sustainability initiatives, and entice the next generation to invest in our City. Jamestown has the opportunity to be an information and manufacturing technology hub, which will enable a more connected and brighter future for our community. This is my vision for Jamestown and I want to work together toward a prosperous future that builds on our strong foundation. With world-class assets such as low cost power and proximity to major urban centers, it’s time to capitalize on these assets to market Jamestown as an attractive place to develop new industry and bring new workforce investment. We are a City on the cusp of growth, and our residents and businesses deserve an administration that will be welcoming, open, and helpful to all that want to call Jamestown home. 

1. Develop a City for the Future 

  • Position Jamestown as a hub for manufacturing and information technology through aggressive out-of-state marketing and increased public-private partnerships that attract technology businesses 
  • Make Jamestown a “Business Friendly” City by revitalizing our economic development model for the 21st century through increased loans, grants, and working capital to existing business and start-ups 
  • Market our City’s unique and desirable assets for further development including: 
    • A world-class municipal electric through the BPU
    • A walkable downtown
    • Space for conventions and events
    • A beautiful area with four seasons, lack of natural disasters, easy access to other regional urban areas
    • The possibility for a working industrial airport
  • Improve public transportation through increased partnerships with the County, creating walkable and bike friendly streets, and piloting ride-sharing programs
  • Connect our citizens with low-cost high speed internet service for every home and business  
  • Preserve and expand low cost power as a vital economic driver of industry in our area
  • Form a bipartisan experienced advisory board made up of citizens, businesses, labor, not-for profits, and others to bring greater diversity and increase the voice citizens have in guiding the city into the future
  • Create a transition team to identify ways to improve city operations and find qualified talent to lead departments, boards, and commissions 
  • Transform City Hall and all aspects of City government into an open, positive, user friendly entity that will listen to and enthusiastically work with its “owners.”
  • Develop a communications and citizen affairs department to centralize all City communication and provide more up-to-date and timely notification with residents and businesses in addressing concerns, complaints, and comments

2. Strengthen Housing Initiatives and Support Our Neighborhoods 

  • Enforce housing codes and hold slumlords accountable through aggressive code enforcement and foreclosing on homes for repeat offenders, while collaborating with community organizations working in improving housing across the City 
  • Strategically demolish 100 blighted homes within my first term through repurposing of federal and state housing and development grants 
  • Collaborate with organizations to combine housing groups into one city wide comprehensive housing advisory group to address housing blight, impacts of poverty on housing, and lead paint remediation
  • Work with organizations to collect data on housing costs, amenities, and turnover in order to determine trends in City housing market
  • Strengthen programs that encourage people to purchase less desirable homes with the intent to repair and live in the City, in conjunction with the County Land Bank 
  • Pilot tax credit incentive program to enable homeowners to make necessary home improvements and incentivize the use of building trade businesses owned by City residents   
  • Work with regional and local developers to place new in fill housing within our neighborhoods
  • Create a public safety community advisory board to work with police and fire on community relations and problem solving
  • Establish a City poverty task force to address issues facing lower income families, individuals struggling with mental health or homelessness, children in need, hunger, and shaping Jamestown as a City focused on health-based approaches to programs and events 

3. Tackle Financial Burdens 

  • Spearhead creative solutions to address a tax-stressed City. Other Cities have piloted programs to reduce the burden on residential homeowners through implementing fee models and lowering residential tax rates
  • Negotiate increased service sharing programs with other municipalities, school districts, and public entities
  • Reinvent all City departments to work on a goals-based model and utilize technology and business tools to increase efficiency and expand ability to provide services to citizens with clear communication and respect
  • Re-establish scheduled Labor-Management meetings where City government is open to ideas, suggestions, and recommendations from City employees of ways to make their jobs more efficient and better for the citizens of Jamestown
  • Work with the state and county to to take advantage of programs and ideas to lower our costs and increase revenue